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Immediate smartphone-based 1: N radio communication without dialling on LTE/3G/WiFi

Uses our own RTP / RTSP mobile streaming server technology, provides instant multi-way push-to-talk servicewithout dialling through smartphone applications on Wi-Fi / 3G / LTE mobile networks.

⊙ Feature

  • Stable Push-To-Talk (voice 8kbps) transmission with 3G using minimum bandwith
  • - In case of applying VAD ; PTT Lock : Avg. 4kbps / idle : Avg. 11bps

    - Supporting communication security through OTP certification and TLS/SSLv2

  • Supporting occupations 3,000 clients at the same time (Per LookieTalkie-PTT server)
  • Providing PTT Service Unified with Existing Analog Walkie-Talkie(UHF, VHF, TRS)
  • - Enable interworking with with RoIP gateway equipment through Sip-protocol of LookieTalkie-PTT

    - Maintain the facilities and advantages of radio network and extend the coverage of radio network to nationwide network of Wi-Fi / 3G / LTE through interworking of existing radio network

    - Able to overcome limitations of existing radios and provide instant PTT service without hearing loss

    - Flexible system configuration function to expand users of wired and wireless PTT service only by extension of LookieTalkie-PTT server

  • Software-based push-to-talk application (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • - Resolve the inconvenience of using multiple terminals (TRS exclusive terminals (radios) and personal phones)

    - Overcoming the dependency of TRS-dedicated terminals and reducing the cost of purchasing terminals

    - Supports various N screen terminals such as smartphone, tablet PC, and desktop PC

  • 'Hands Free' push-to-talk using Bluetooth device
  • - Various types of Bluetooth devices available

    - A headset (Remote PTT Button), a wrist band (Built-in PTT Button), etc.

  • Providing push-to-talk using WIFI, 3G, LTE, etc. nationwide wireless network
  • - Possible to provide PTT service by overcoming the limit of call distance with existing walkie-talkie and of poor reception areas

    - Possible to provide a service for corporations which are sensitive to radio waves like semiconductor factory, hospital, etc.

  • Providing Library by Developing S/W PTT Server System
  • - Lower initial cost and maintenance cost compared to TRS-based PTT

    - Provide push-to-talk service for each company by building an independent LookieTalkie-PTT server

    - Easily interworking with existing systems and applications and linking services

        · Mobile office / groupware, logistics cargo, transportation (taxi, bus), service (construction, manufacturing, distribution) etc.

    - B2C business product development possible

       · Packaging products with Bluetooth devices, mobile communication products based on data usage, etc.

       · Possible to access of services in education, hospitals, clubs, and communities

⊙1:N PTT (Push-To-Talk)

  • At the same time, send voice to thousands users.
  • PTT service for all users
  • 'LookieTalkie-PTT' provides 1: N instant conversation service as software-based push-to-talk (PTT).

⊙PTT service compatibility with existing analog radios

  • SIP protocol support and RoIP gateway equipment interworking
  • 'LookieTalkie-PTT' is able to interoperate with RoIP (Radio over IP) gateway equipment through SIP protocol support as well as IP, so it can provide unified PTT service environment with existing analog radios such as UHF, VHF, TRS.
⊙LookieTalkie-PTT - Text Message(chat)

  • PTT as well as chat service!
  • Send a message to all users who are thousands people on the same channel at the same time
⊙LookieTalkie-PTT - Bluetooth

  • Convenient 'Hands Free-PTT' service
  • Hands Free PTT function using Bluetooth without touching the smartphone provides services suitable for user environment such as logistics, transportation, and leisure.

⊙LookieTalkie-PTT - History

  • PTT recording and re-listening service
  • All PTTs you have used are recorded and kept in the history. And listen to the archived PTT again!

⊙Providing various service convenience functions

  • Show the number of currently connected channels
  • TOT(Time Out Timer, limitation of PTT sending time)function provide
  • Provides volume control

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