LookieTalkie-PTT ASP Service

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LookieTalkie-PTT ASP Service

Rental service that can make radio communication among members

LookieTalkie-PTT ASP service is a rental service that enables you to communicate wirelessly with your members through purchase of LookieTalkie-PTT ASP service without purchasing and installing a separate server.You can use the service at a low price, and you can easily manage channels and users from admin page. Use the LookieTalkie-PTT ASP service which is available for various channels!

 Support multiple devices
  • - Android, Apple iOS, Windows PC

 National and global radio communication using wireless data network
  • - Without the shadow areas in LTE, 3G, Wi-Fi

 Providing LookieTalkie-PTT PC Receiver
  • - Using wireless communication with users of smartphone apps connected to each channel by simultaneously connecting to multiple channels

 Affordable wireless data consumption
  • - Consumes about 5MB (an hour/a day)

 Lower initial installation and maintenance costs
  • - Available without a separate system purchase

  • - No additional personnel and system management required
 Stable service proven with high satisfaction of existing customers

 Provides "hands-free" service for interworking with Bluetooth and Earset

 Interworking with radios such as UHF, VHF and TRS
 Support for server farms by continent

 Providing Admin Page

- Efficient and simple channels/user management

  • It is possible to create, modify, and delete channels that are free to suit group characteristics. Adding, editing, and deleting users is also easy

  -Real time location tracking

  • You can view the location of members in real time on the administrator-only page. Use it for offline meetings and more!

  • ※ The current version is a trial version and is available free of charge until the full version is released. (To be paid later)

 Sales Partners
* You can receive better services such as training, cost settlement and so on through joining the partner.









 Procedure for using LookieTalkie-PTT ASP

You can use free trial service before applying for LookieTalkie-PTT ASP service.
① Download LookieTalkie-PTT APP from the store (Google Play Store, Apple App Store)
② Server Selection: Global LookieTalkie-PTT / Korea LookieTalkie-PTT Connection
③ Channel selection: After selecting the desired channel, start the service experience!

Step 1.
Download and fill out the application form and send it to sales@initialt.com.

Step 2.
Upon receipt of your application, we will contact you by e-mail.

Step 3.
Pay the usage fee. (Deposit method: Transfer of account, refer details of the application note)

Step 4.
Your account will be issued once payment is made.

Step 5.
You can access the LookieTalkie-PTT ASP service by logging in with your account.

For any ASP Service enquiries and apply for service, email us : sales@initialt.com