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LookieTalkie-PTT has collected answers to your most frequently asked questions.

  • You can download and search 'LookieTalkie-PTT' from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  • For most users who do not use our LookieTalkie-UC product, select 'Normal User Mode'
  • LookieTalkie-PTT ASP users can also select 'normal user mode'.

  • 1KB per second is used for actual calls (including 1.4K). Only very small data is used if you are not on a call.
  • Approximately 5 MB of data is used when using LookieTalkie-PTT for 1 hour, and approximately 100 MB of data is used per month (20 hours per hour).

  • Battery consumption differs greatly depending on the battery condition and usage pattern of the smartphone.
  • As a result of the self-test, the battery is used within 35% of typical patterns (on a daily basis).
  • Note that the most battery drain may occur when the screen is on and when using advanced features such as games.

  • Even if the screen is turned off, it works the same, and if it is not displayed on the desktop or another app is running, it will work normally in background mode.
  • However, if the process is forcibly terminated, it may not work.

  • LookieTalkie-PTT If your phone is busy while receiving a call, the contents of the radio will not be heard by external speakers, but the LookiTalkie-PTT application is set to record radio content. You can check the contents of the radio by listening again after ending the call.

  • If you set the sound setting of the smartphone to vibrate, you can make a radio call, but when you receive a radio, no sound will be heard from the external speaker and the radio contents will be saved. In this case, you can check the contents of the radio you missed by listening again.

  • LookieTalkie-PTT's volume control lets you boost your sound. However, we recommend that you use earphones and accessories in a small and medium workplaces because there may be a limit to the sound of smartphones.

  • Location tracking is available when the administrator selects Location tracking. However, you can prevent position transmission by user's setting.
  • If you set the 'Settings' -> 'GPS enabled' to 'No' in LookieTalkie-PTT, no one knows your location.

  • When you login the asp.airptt.com, you can edit your information. Also, administrator can edit it too.

  • Yes, that's right. The chatting function is only displayed for users within the same channel connected within the same time

  • Yes, when you sign up for LookieTalkie-PTT ASP, you will be given an account to login to the admin site, so you can create your own channel and register users through admin site.
  • And you can connect directly to the available users by channel.

  • No. 'Dedicated Server User Mode' can only be logged in if you are using its LookieTalkie-UC product.
  • For LookieTalkie-PTT ASP users, select 'General user mode'.
  • [Normal User Mode] -> [Select Server] -> [Select LookieTalkie-PTT ASP] and log in using the account registered in the administrator server.

  • Lookie Talkie-PTT uses a 100% smartphone data network, so it can be used anywhere 3G / LTE / WiFi is available. Therefore, there is no limit of distance.

  • Yes, you can use a radio and LookieTalkie-PTT together.
  • However, first of all you have to buy 'LookieTalkie-RoIP' and the 'LookieTalkie-RoIP cable' which is suitable for the type of radios, and register it through the administrator site, and then you can use the radio and LookieTalkie-PTT together.
  • There will be a separate fee when registering on the administrator site.

  • For Android, go to the Settings menu and click the Exit button. And for the iPhone, you just end the process.